Shutter Speed controls motion blur. Often used for sports, a hi speed shutter can allow each frame of video to be crystal clear. If you do a quick swish pan without a hi speed shutter setting, then freeze a frame. You will just get a mass of motion blur. Try it again but this time crank up the shutter speed setting… Now your freeze frame will be quite sharp. A video camera shutter is not like a film camera with an actual mechanical shutter controlling how fast it opens and closes. A video cameras shutter is electronic. It works by how long light is allowed to build a charge on the cameras CCD imaging chip. The default shutter speed for a video camera is one 1/60 of a second. Meaning, the light induced charge on the image chip last 1/60th of a second before repeating the cycle. This also adds another symptom to our cameras exposure setting we talked about with iris.
The higher the shutter speed, the less light is allowed to build a charge on our image chip resulting in less light overall in our shot, easily creating under exposed images.

So how do we solve this problem?
Shutter Speed

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