Selective Focus is a great way to choose what you want your audience to look at or focus their attention on. Using selective focus adds an entirely new level of creativity. Rack focus is a term for changing what subject is in focus during the shot. With a shallow depth of field, you pre focus on one subject… then pull focus to another subject. This is how you lead your viewers eyes to what you want them to focus their attention on. You can practice pulling focus using a technique called follow focus. Just follow subjects moving toward or away from you while pulling focus to keep these subjects crisp. If you're thinking "what the point of this, my camera’s got auto focus. Well, we're learning control over our images and auto focus gives up that control to a stupid machine and believe me, an auto focus system can be fooled by many things. For instance, dark or low contrast shots make auto focus completely useless. Also shiny subject, horizontal striped subjects. Subjects at different distances, and much more.

I'd mostly encourage you to forget your camera even has auto focus.

Selective Focus

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