Iris, also called aperture or F-Stop is what's used to set your shots exposure. You may have seen an iris in an older film camera. Opened to add light or closed to block light. It works just like a human iris. Our difficulty is setting a proper exposure. Professionals can use a waveform monitor to set exposure . Higher end camcorders often have a tool just for this called zebra stripes. These stripes are shown in your viewfinder and are overlaid onto anything that is at or over the setting you give them. The measurement for this is IRE and anything over 100 IRE is over exposed. So anything showing the zebra stripes when set to 100IRE are over exposed and will be completely blown out losing all detail. Many consumer cameras only offer an automatic iris function. Easily fooled and a huge restriction for those of us who want total control over how our images are captured.

In this lesson I’ll show you how to take control of your iris so you can take the shots you want and not have to settle for what the camera thinks you want.


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