A close up is a head and shoulder shot. Close ups command viewer attention and should be used often. Staying too long on a Medium Shot is not very compelling to watch. Shooting the same activity using close ups makes a much more interesting video to watch.
A Big Close up or Tight Close up, the head fills the frame. Big Close ups keep better viewer eye contact and interest, but try not to cut out the chin, the chin is part of the face but the top of the head is not. So cut out the top of the head before the chin.
An extreme Close Up shows only part of a persons face and can be used to invoke a viewer response.
A Medium shot shows a person from head to waist, or knees. Try to keep their hands in the shot if you can or the shot can seem truncated. Its also a good shot for two people talking.
These shot types don't only work for human subjects. They can be adapted to any subject.

Types of Shots

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