One of the things I see all the time onYoutube and everywhere else for that matter that says amateur would have to be unmotivated zooms. If the word unmotivated doesn’t mean anything to you this basically means NO GOOD REASON.
Amateur video makers tend to use the zoom lever over and over simply because it’s there. This really isn’t what a zoom was made for. I believe the zoom lens came into our world when film went from black and white to color. You see, movie cameras shooting black and white film use to have a few different lenses on a turret. You could turn this turret to change from a wide angle lens to a telephoto lens. Pretty cool actually but the problem came when color film was introduced.

The problem that arose was that each lens in the turret had a slightly different color rendition. This makes for a lot of problems in post. Then some smart guy came up with a zoom lens that could go from wide to telephoto and not have to switch the glass for each. This kept color the same by using the same glass throughout the zoom.

Zooming part 1

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