Next in the "Camera Techniques" series I talk about moving the camera. While panning and tilting you're not really moving the camera but pointing it around. Tracking shots are where you physically move the camera. Kind of difficult without the right tools. You can simply walk with your camera for tracking shots, however camera shake can be a little hard to watch sometimes. Even with your cameras image stabilizer turned on. A simple dolly can be made using PVC pipe as a track… Some plywood… some angle iron and roller skate wheels. With a dolly however, you're confined to the length of the track. If you've got some bucks there are tons of image stabilizing tools out there. These let you walk around with your camera but dampen shocky movements by the operator. You can even make your own stabilizer for a fraction of the cost. You can find instructions all over the internet for these.

Here are some tips to get better tracking shots.

Tracking Shots

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